I have always been a bit on the stressed side, but this year has been incredibly stressful. My energy dropped, I couldn’t sleep, had no appetite and I became very anxious and depressed. Now after only a few treatments my energy is coming back and I feel more rested. I want to do things again and I’m not panicking anymore.    S.L.

My yeast infections date back six years. I couldn’t go more than two weeks without symptoms. Since completing the yeast nutritional program, I have had no yeast for over one year. It’s wonderful! Thanks Centre!    R.I.

My 6 year old daughter has had severe eczema all over her body for three years. Medical doctors have been no help. Now after stimulating the immune system with Biofeedback it is almost gone. She is such a happy little girl now. My family thanks you.    D.B.

I will always be grateful to my friend for recommending your office. She had suffered from the same symptoms as I did - sweating, hot flashes etc. Now that I’ve started my own specific nutritional program, I too no longer have to worry about those annoying side effects of menopause. Thanks!    M.S.

After suffering with multiple airborne and food allergies for years, my sensitivity has dropped 95% after only 3 Biofeedback treatments. Finally some relief!    H.P.

My constant heartburn and reflux has responded amazingly well to a personalized treatment plan of specific nutritions and Biofeedback treatments. I have given up all of my meds!    J.L.

My short term memory and concentration have been getting worse for the last few years. But after taking the nervous system nutritional support, I can think much more clearly and my recall has greatly improved. It certainly makes things easier at work. Thanks!    E.L.