When I heard about the DPA machine from my cousin I thought I would give it a try. For the past 10 years my blood pressure has been high, usually 160/94. The analysis showed that I had narrowing and stiffening of the blood vessels. After only six weeks on the cardiovascular program my pressure is down to 126/82. I’m so happy!    M.P.

I have a 10 year history of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. After a combination of helping the muscles with Biofeedback and giving my body the specialized nutrition formulas that it needs, I am at least 90% improved. I have tried a lot of things over the years, but the combination of CRA and Biofeedback is the answer that I’ve been looking for.    R.T.

I went from specialist to specialist trying to get help for my migraines. Nothing ever gave me any relief until I found your clinic. Since taking the circulatory nutrition and having Biofeedback treatments I haven’t had a migraine in 8 months. It’s amazing!
I wish I would have found you sooner.    L.S.

When we started, my 7 year old son had major trouble focussing and understanding math. Now after a few Biofeedback treatments he is much improved, and his teacher has even noticed a great difference. Thanks Dr. Fox.    C.A.

It was amazing! I could feel the pressure in my head easing off half way through my first treatment. By the time I left, my sinuses were clear and I could breathe again.    A.C.