The Digital Pulsewave Analyzer (DPA) is a Health Canada approved device that measures the pulse waveform produced with each heartbeat.

Each time the heart beats, it sends a pulse wave down the arteries to your fingers and toes. This wave is then reflected back to the heart and is analyzed by the device.

Did You Know?

The major cause of cardiovascular disease is the silent and steady build-up of fatty plaque deposits in your arteries. This results in narrowed blood vessels which decrease the blood and oxygen delivered to your heart, brain and limbs. A heart attack or stroke can occur at any time and often without warning.

Which Stage Are You In?

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ECG Type Reading - looks for irregularities in the heartbeat

ECHO Type Reading - looks at the timing of the aortic valve and left ventricle contraction to ensure proper cardiac output

Circulation Analysis - looks for a restrictions of blood flow in the large, small and peripheral arteries

Aterial Elasticity - looks for arteriosclerosis or stiffening of the aorta and large arteries
Pulse Height - looks for dehydration, blood pressure and possible inflammation

Pulse Rate - the resting heart rate

Biological Age (How old are you inside?) - your arterial age is not equivalent to your chronological age

Heart Rate Variability (H.R.V.) - the ability of the heart to adapt to stress

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