For years I was unable to bend my fingers because they were so swollen and painful with arthritis. After only 3 months on my CRA program I am pain free, my knuckles are no longer swollen and I can bend my fingers. The best part is that I can now wear my wedding ring again. Thank you so much!    V.M.

Even with my blood pressure and heart medication, I get short of breath and weak when I walk from my car to the mall doors. My legs feel heavy and the muscles start to burn. I wanted to see what the DPA Analysis would show. It showed that I had stage 3 clogging of my arteries. After three weeks of taking the cardio formula, it was easier to walk and I had more energy. Now at eight weeks, my breathing is better and I have almost no pain left in my legs. At 75 years old, I feel like a new person!
Thanks.    A.H.

When I turned 40 my digestive system changed for the worse. I continually had diarrhea no matter what I ate. This went on for 15 years, with little to no relief. The medical system had no answers for me. Then I heard a commercial for Centre For Alternative Healing and it changed my life. I came in, got tested, and began a specialized nutritional program to help heal the lining of my digestive system. I have also responded amazingly to Biofeedback treatments. It’s been 19 years since my first visit and I honestly believe that I wouldn’t be here today without the knowledge and caring of Hartley Fox.    D.W.

I have spent years suffering from P.M.S. and irregular, painful periods. All I could do was treat the symptoms with medication. Within the first couple of months after starting my nutritional program, all of my symptoms have decreased and I no longer need any medication. It’s great! Two of my friends have already made appointments!    K.L.